Selecting Your Niche Before You Launch Your Blog

Selecting Your Niche Before You Launch Your Blog

If you read most contents online that teaches you how to blog, you will always find most internet marketers telling you to select a single niche and focus on it.

Selecting a niche is more about understanding why you are starting a blog. If you get this understanding, then you would have already come up with your niche before launching a blog.

But when you don’t have any business perspective at heart, but feel like you want to work online and earn money through blogging, then it’s important you have a niche at heart.

A niche helps you get focused on topics and contents related to that niche.

When you are focused on a niche, it makes it easy for search engine to rank you.

This means you will continue to write contents that are similar and talk about the same sector and industry.

Search engines understand what your blog is all about so they know which search queries to rank you for.

The more you write on that niche, the clearer your niche becomes the easier it is for your site to turn up in search results – especially on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Another reason why you want to focus on a niche is because it portrays you as an expert in it.

More informative posts means more visitors and increased awareness and branding.

It makes it easy for you to sell your ideas, business, services and other affiliate products.

The aim of launching a business blog is to make money – I believe that profit through monetization is the end point.

You want to position yourself blog as an authority in the niche before search engines and humans.

This way monetization becomes really easy for you and you make profit.

How To Find A Niche

How To Find A Niche

An article in stated that finding your niche should be based on your interest and passion.

The reason is because you want to make sure you will never get tired of writing informative topics on that niche.

If your business and services you offer are the primary reason for starting a business blog, then you’ve already found your niche.

You already know that you need to write more posts and the more you have on your blog the higher your chances of getting found.

Find Your Interest And Passion

Find Your Interest And Passion
But if you intend to go the affiliate and ad based blogging path, then you should ensure that you choose a niche based on your interest and passion.

If not, you will get bored with it over time and give up.

This is common with newbie bloggers that are in search of immediate returns and are not seeing money coming in fast.

The next step is to assume that making money is difficult; major reason why there are more abandoned blogs than active ones online.

But when you are passionate about your topic,

You will still keep writing and reaching out to other authority sites in your niche.

Passion sure beats every other factor that promotes continuity in a blog. It will surely help you come up with ideas on what to write about and how you can make money with your blog.

Find A Problem You Can Solve

This is another way you can find a niche to blog on and topics to write about.

If you have life experiences about a problem and how you solved these problems, you can indeed start a blog on that niche.

It is your life experiences so you shouldn’t run out of ideas on what to write about.

You can indeed turn it to a business that makes money for you if you are innovative enough.

There are lots of people that are facing challenges you’ve conquered.

You can help them with informative articles that proffer solutions to these problems.

You can also offer consultation services to help them with one-on-one coaching and charge them for it.

This way you are helping people and making money also.

Research Your Niche

It is important you research your niche to know if it’s a competitive one and if people are willing to pay money for it.

An example is starting a blog on your passion which can be dinosaurs. You might get you lots of traffic from fanatics of dinosaurs, but how many of these visitors are willing to pay you for it.

It’s not like you have a zoo for dinosaurs where people can visit and pay a gate fee.

You can also choose a niche that pays really high but there will be tones of sites on that topic.

These people are already an authority in that niche which will make it really competitive for you to get noticed, rank in search engines and make money.

This does not mean you cannot start a blog in a competitive niche and make money, it’s just that you should be prepared to fight your way to the top.

In a situation like this you have two options:

  1. Search for related niche with low competition or
  2. Stick with the niche but find a unique approach that can differentiate you from the crowd

If you can do this, you might be able to get your own share of the market and make money with your blog or business.

What If I Have Multiple Passions

What If I Have Multiple Passions

By multiple passions I believe you mean can write on two or more niches.

Well if this is you then I recommend you start different blogs or websites on them and be unique in each of them.

Unless these niches are kind of related, you should host them on different domain names.

It will be unprofessional for a blog to talk about photography then healthy living and then how to save money.

But it is okay if you combine travel with photography since there are ways you can intertwine them together.

Images of places you’ve visited can be posted on your blog while you write about your experiences.

You can also teach visitors how your photography skills improved as you continue to travel and take more pictures.

I believe you get what I mean.

If you might write on more than one niche, ensure that they are closely related.

Writing about various unrelated niches will not only confuse readers but also search engines and your ranking will suffer for it.

After you have decided on which niche or niches to blog about, then you can go start a business blog that makes money.

You are already taking a step in the right direction.

The rest should be easy for you now that you are focused on which industry to blog about.

What’s Your Opinion On News Sites And Online Magazines?

You should understand that the business model of new sites and online magazines are different from a regular blog or websites.

Because they are writing on different topics and niches and getting millions of visitors as traffic doesn’t mean you should do the same.

Reasons why I will tell you:

  • They work with a team
  • They have the fund to push their contents to readers
  • They have a different monetization strategies
  • Google understands them for their blogging model
  • It takes hard work

Maybe this is just a list without much details; let me go into them one after another – hopefully you will understand more.

They Work With A Team

They Work With A Team

You are launching a site or blog and chances are that at first managing this blog will be a one man show.

This will go on until profit starts coming in that you might need to hire helping hands to help you manage your growth.

But until then, you will have to manage the writing, editing, posting and promotions.

If you have some cash at hand, you might consider hiring freelancers to handle areas you don’t have time for.

Freelancers are also important for areas where you are not so good. Take for instance the writing aspect; some people are not so great writers even when they are native English speakers.

By the way, if you need help with contents writing, you can reach out to me, at the moment I offer my services.

That is until I get too busy to take on assignments.

That aside…

…what are my trying to say?

These news sites and magazines do not work alone.

Probably they have tens if not hundreds of writers on their payroll shooting out contents every five minute on average.

It is estimated that some online new sites publish about 200 articles per day.

Now tell me how you can beat that as a one man show.

With this massive contents coming out every day, chances are that they would beat small sites to ranking on similar topics.

However, Google in their knowledge knows when to rank smaller sites higher than large sites so don’t worry much about that.

What I am saying in essence is this – never go into multi niche blogging because you think news sites and magazines are making a killing with it.

They operate on a business model different from your own.

They Have The Funds To Push Their Contents To Readers

They Have The Funds To Push Their Contents To Readers

You should know that these large online news and magazine publications use different means to promote their contents.

They have the funds for PPC ads, social media promotion and the domain authority to rank on their own.

They also have loyal visitors that visit them directly every day without having to search them out on Google, ads or social media.

They also have millions in social media following with makes it possible for every pos they publish to get thousands if not millions of page views.

You are just starting out and I don’t see you being able to spend thousands of dollars per day on adverts unless you have a business plan that guarantees high ROI.

They Have A Different Monetization Strategies

Most of these sites depend heavily on ads monetization strategy and also a few affiliate products they promote.

Because they get millions of visitors per day, there is a chance that they will be making tens of thousands per day too.

You see big sites like Huffington Post making million in profit yearly after tax which is not surprising to many.

So you see that you cannot compare their blogging strategy to yours because they have the weight to pull in millions while you might not be so lucky.

This does not mean that sites run by a few do not pull in millions too, just that they use a different monetization strategy.

Some of them are selling courses, high paying affiliate programs and monthly subscriptions.

That’s why it might be difficult for young sites to pull in thousands in ad revenue within the first few months of their launch if ads is their main monetization strategy.

Google Understands Them For Their Blogging Model

Google Understands Them For Their Blogging Model

Google has the algorithm that can differentiate a news site from a regular blog.

Besides, if you want your site to be classified as a news site by Google, you can submit it for indexing as a news site and a Google staff will check it out.

If it meets up to their standard, you will be included in their list of news sites and publications will be ranks the minute it is posted.

But if that is not your business model, you application will be turned down and you will rank slowly like the rest of us.

Google ranks news sites faster because they know these sites publish trending stories and will need to provide their users current posts by the minute.

News sites get crawled frequently and faster than most regular sites. Their bots understand the need to stay up to date with current trends and because they publish regularly, they get crawled faster and ranked faster.

But in our business model, we write ever green contents with information that will be useful for years. So Google is not always in a hurry to rank our posts unless one fortunately goes viral and all of a sudden thousands of sites are talking about it and it is trending on social media.

So stop comparing your site with news sites.

It Takes Hard Work To Rank A Multi-Niche Blog

It Takes Hard Work To Rank A Multi-Niche Blog

Even if you still insist on the multi-niche model of blogging, you will still make money. However, remember that it will take a while to build authority with this model.

It takes hard work to see result and ranking over a long period of time and most likely it will still be through ad based monetization.

What I mean is this…

… Someone blogging with a focused niche is likely to start seeing results and making money sooner than you will if you blog on different niches.

It is easier to be seen as an authority in a focused niche by search engines and humans. Authority means that you can take advantage of this status to make money. Multi-niche on the other hand is confusing.

If you understand what I’ve just written, then you see that blogging with a focused niche is the secret of succeeding faster as a blogger and making money.

Finally On Selecting A Blogging Niche

Like I said earlier, your niche selection is very important if you are to make profits faster with your blog.

Do not be tempted to write on natural living and also travel because you have passion for both.

Though it is possible to have a niche on living naturally as you travel, but how profitable do you think it is.

It is not my niche so you carry out your research on that.

What I am trying to say is this….

… start with a tightly focused niche to build an authority in and branch out from there.

But if you start out with a distracted form of blogging, you might find it difficult monetizing and making money from it.

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