Profitable Blog Monetization Strategy That Works And How Long It Takes


Profitable Blog Monetization Strategy That Works And How Long It TakesDo you want to learn how long it takes to build a profitable blog that you can monetize and make money?

Then you are in the right post because while there are lots of posts online that have already answered this question, we are going to give you a brief but effective answer.

It might not be as long as others that you’ve read, but it is going to mean something to your income if you just follow the instructions you will read here.

Will it take 3 months, 6 months, one year or even 3 years? No one can tell and fact remains that there are lots of factors that are involved before a definite answer can be given to you.

Please Newbie Bloggers… Avoid Scammers, I Beg Of You

There are tons of sites promising to teach you how to pull in $10,000/month from a blog in less than six months.

Trust me, I am a believer of miracles but odds are that if 20 sites are promising you this money, less than 2 will be able to deliver a quarter of that amount within that time frame.

So I am asking you not to fall victim of these scammers and learn the right way to go about building a profitable blog that will make you money.

Yes your blog will make you money but you must be ready to work on it. If you are not, then you should not bother spending hundreds of hours on something that is only going to be waste of your time.

Blog Building And Monetization:

First you have to realize that about a billion websites online now and hundreds of thousands are being added on a daily basis.

That is to say you just arrived at a party that is already jam-packed but still with lots of spaces you can explore.

The truth about making money, not just online but anywhere else, is that if you are innovative enough, you can carve out a unique niche or blogging strategy for yourself that can indeed make you money.

There is always a niche to rank for in the blogosphere; all you have to do is find it because at the end of the day, you are the only one that will find your true self.

Yes there are lots of sites that will promise to help you find niche that are easy to rank in, but the truth is that if you don’t have hunger for that niche, it’s only a matter of time before you lose interest in it.

Length Of Time It Takes To Make Money Blogging For Your Business

This aspect is for those that already have a business and want to use blogging to promote their business and pull in clients.

If it’s a new blog then you need to give yourself 3-6 months before you start seeing some real attention from search engines like Google.

Bing and yahoo will rank you sooner but don’t expect something tangible from them. You should be expecting the real crowd from Google.

This is because you need to build your reputation with these search engines so they understand what you blog is all about, what you have to offer and if you are the real deal.

Before then you would have pulled in some quality backlinks that tell them that you are the real deal. Then they will begin to rank you and trust me, you will be busy then making money because organic traffic is known to convert best for business blogging.

Length Of Time It Takes To Make Money with Niche Blogging

Now I am talking about bloggers that want to center their online business around a niche, write about it and build an online business as an infopreneur.

This is where finding that niche that is not too crowded comes in.

If there are hundreds of quality blogs ranking for a topic that you are about to write about, then you need to be ready to have your wait because it is going to take long while.

As you write, you want to make sure you target these long tail keywords which can be gotten from really epic long posts.

The reason why bloggers are writing really long posts is not because Google count words in a post, but mathematically, the probability of turning up in search engines with a combination of keywords in your post is high.

So the longer your post is, the higher your chances of being found due to the presence of so many possible keywords.

A combination of a few words here and there coupled with keyword density and domain strength is able to get you some attention.

Here is where it is important that you write a post that makes lots of sense; you want to encourage those periodical visitors to share your post, interact with your post by leaving a comment,  subscribe to your newsletter and come back for more in the future.

Trust me, nothing gets you the credibility you seek faster than a quality post. That said you are still going to drilling at it for at least 4 to 6 months depending on how competitive your niche is.

There are topics that can even take you a year to rank no matter how much backlinks you point to it.

The reason is because there are already established blogs on that topic. Google has trust issues and can’t just start ranking you when they already have sites they trust to that topic.

Monetization Strategy That Makes You Money Soonest

Don’t try adsense unless you are pulling in hundreds of thousands of readers on topics that are not really monetizable.

If you start with adsense, you will start making money soon but trust me it is going to be peanuts. You want to use them when you’ve built your brand as the “go-to place” for your niche.

Best way to paid monetizing your blog…

Use opt-in forms to gather emails from visitors. Send them informative emails once a while. The reason is because you want to build a relationship with them.

As your trust improves, you can send them a newsletter with some affiliate links of top products you love and trust that is related to your niche.

This is not easy either because your credibility is at stake. So don’t just pick up any link and start promoting or the first promotion might be the last they buy from you.

While you are sending them links to the product, please ensure that you highlight their problems, let them know there is solution to it, introduce your product and help them understand how it will help solve their problem.

With an estimation of 50 cents to a dollar per subscriber, you should be able to start pulling a minimum of $50 to $100 per hundred subscribers.

How long it takes you to build that base depends on how hard you can work.

I hope I have helped you a bit. You can leave me questions and comments because I’ll love to hear what you think and what your blogging monetization experiences have been so far.

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