My Job Is Making Me Depressed What Should I Do?

My Job Is Making Me Depressed What Should I Do?

When your job is killing you to a point that you are now getting depressed, the next option will be to quit.

Most preferably start a business where you can be the boss can call the shots. Another option is to get a better job where there are better working conditions.

Whichever way you choose, quitting your job almost immediately will not be the best step to take.

There are questions you have to answer, conditions you have to put in place and preparations to make before quitting that depressing job.

I understand that not quitting a job that steals your soul is like selling your soul to the devil himself.

That said, it does not take away the fact that money is involved here and you need it. I am not advising against quitting a depressing job, I am just asking you to read through this blog post to help you make the best decision.

A depressing job is neither good for your health and mental coordination. At a time it feels like you are losing your mind.

So let us hurry up and provide you tips on what to do before quitting that job that is making you lose your mind.

What’s Your Plan After Quitting The Job?

What’s Your Plan After Quitting The Job?

The fact that you hate your job so much does not take away the fact that it is currently paying the bills.

Unless you have another source of income you might quit your job without a plan and get yourself into deeper mess

As a matter of fact there are people that have resigned from a job they hate only to find their lives in ruin months and years later.

This does not mean they should have remained in that job even when they were not happy with it; it’s just that they did not make plans to quit.

Your plan before quitting is the most important part of taking your next step after firing your boss or yourself.

If you do it right and put the right things in place, I am assuring you that quitting your job will be the best decision you ever take.

That said, there are options of paths to take after quitting your job and these paths are unpredictable.

Two of them are:

  1. You can either quit your job for another job
  2. Or you quit your job to start or handle your business.

Unless you already have either or both of these two in place before quitting your job, you might be diving into an ocean without a compass hoping to find a friendly dolphin that will save you if you start sinking.

Trust me, you will swim like many that have taken such steps. Some were very fortunate to find their feet while majority of them were not that lucky.

A major percentage of people that quit their job without making plans for the next step most times regret it.

So I don’t know how depressed you get because of your job, I am just asking you to hold on for a while so we can work out a plan for you.

Getting A New Job After Quitting Your Depressing Job

Getting A New Job After Quitting Your Depressing Job

Quitting a new job without another one to keep the money coming in is a risk. You will need money to sustain yourself and your family (if you have one) while you are out of work.

If the cash is not coming in, the bills won’t care whether you’ve got a new job or not, they will keep piling up and causing to be more depressed than when you were working.

Quitting your job without notice is not an option either. You have to open your PC and start searching for jobs with better working conditions.

There are several reasons why your current job could be causing you depression. It could be that the pay is high but the job steals your soul.

Maybe your boss is unbearable and treating you like trash – with little or no respect. It is possible that you have been passed for a promotion passed for a promotion you deserve so many times than you can count. You are in a place where you are not valued and appreciated.

There are tons of reasons why people hate their jobs and want to quit. So while you are searching for another job, ensure that you are not walking from frying pan to fire.

If fortunately you were invited for an interview, don’t just quit because you think you’ve found a new job.

Carry out your research about the company; especially in the areas you have concerns about your current job.

Make sure that they have the better working conditions that will make you happy and not get depressed again.

If the firm seems right, then you can go for the interview and ensure that you have been hired before you can honorably quit your current job.

I am just writing this section of this post for formality and assume you already know this.

But if you have been thinking of quitting your job without notice or without a backup job, then I will strongly advise against it.

In a situation where you have already made the mistake of leaving, then I certainly do hope that you will come up with one fast.

You shouldn’t have any problems if your skills are not too over specialized or you skill and qualification does not have a low hiring rate.

In this case you should get a job fast if you have the skills and qualifications.

Quitting Your Job To Start A Business

Quitting Your Job To Start A Business

This is the most common reason why people quit their jobs – to start a business and be their own boss.

I fall into this category and indeed it has been fulfilling though not easy at first. But because you’ve read that quitting a job you hate to start a business is the best way to go doesn’t mean it is as easy as it sounds.

I believe you already know that more than 60% of new business and startups will fail in their first five years.

I am not saying that quitting your depressing job to start a business is a bad idea and neither are my saying your first business will fail.

I am only telling the hard cold truth “be prepared to fail at least a couple of times” before you find your feet.

If you are fortunate to get it right the first time or a couple of times later, then kudos to you.

But having it at the back of your mind that your businesses might fail in the first few starts positions you mentally to stand up and try again.

Because most office workers that desire to start a business do not know this common truth, they get heartbroken and disappointed when their first businesses fail.

It gets worse and more depressing if they try again and again and they all fail. This causes them to give up their dream to own a business and continue on the career path.

However, in this case you have been notified right here in this post, get ready mentally to fail a couple of times.

With this mentality of getting ready to rise no matter how many times you fail, I am sure you can become a successful business person.

Also, if you know that taking failure is not your thing, you have been told – there is a possibility of failure so do yourself a favor and get a better job if your current one is causing your get depressed.

Becoming a success in business, just like every other area of life, means that you must be ready to fail and keep trying to you succeed.

It is not everyone that has the heart to own a business even when we all desire it. Business success is for those that are mentally and emotionally ready for it.

Getting Prepared To Quit That Depressing Job For A Business

Getting Prepared To Quit That Depressing Job For A Business

Now you know that there is a possibility of failing in your first few business ventures so we will dive in prepared.

Please note, I said more than 50% will fail, this means not all of them will fail. This means that if you go in prepared and with all the right knowledge of the said business, it is possible you will succeed even at first trial.

While we at it, let’s dive in for more details.

I assume you are still at your miserable job and haven’t resigned yet. You have this burning desire to start a business and be your own boss.

Since there is a chance of not succeeding the first few times, I will recommend you hold on to that job and start a part-time business.

I am talking about a business that will not interfere with your job and can be handled when you come back from work and during weekends.

I don’t know what business you have planed or skills you have which will mean services you can offer.

But whichever business path you decide to follow, you have to find a balance between your current job and your intended business.

When you are able to setup your business on the side then you are on your way to quitting your job in the nearest future.

From the advice offered earlier to those that want to quit their job for a better job, same applies to you in terms of money and bills to pay.

You want to make sure your part time business is able to take care of your bills and lifestyle before you quit your main job.

Before then, that part time job can become your side income thereby boosting your general income and helping you save more.

As the business grows, the income it provides will become visibly high to a point where you will know it is time to let go of your current job.

That said, there is a catch to spotting the right time to depend on your side business fully.

So many people are making mistake in this section of identifying the best time to quit. I will help you with a tip on how to identify the best time to let go of your depressing job to concentrate on your business full time.

When Is The Perfect Time To Quit And Face Your Business Fully?

When Is The Perfect Time To Quit And Face Your Business Fully

How much does one need to quit his job?

How much does your business have to bring in before you go fulltime?

There are so many ways to look at it but most importantly it about your current earning and life style.

Some people have the wrong notion that the moment income from your side business begins to match your paycheck, then it’s time to quit.

Well, I can tell that this is not true.

You now own a business so you have to understand that running a business costs money. If you will hire staffs then it means more expenses on your side. There are bills to pay if your business will be sited away from your home.

Quitting your job for your home business fully means money stops going into your 401k plan.

You understand what this means, your fate of your retirement lifestyle is now in your hands.

So you need to ensure that you have the right financial plan before letting go of your major source of income to concentrate on your business full time.

It is recommended that your business starts bring in at least X2 of your current paycheck after tax before you quit.

On a personal note I will say you allow it get to x2.5 before you take that bold step – this is off course just to be on the safe side.

When your business gets to that level of 2X or 2.5 X, you are now financially prepared to handle your bills and have enough left to run your business and save some.

Here is an extra tip.

Even after you have quit your job, I still recommend you take up some side gigs that can earn you some extra income part time.

The extra money you can get while building your business makes it the easier for you to stay afloat until you build a strong foundation for your empire.

With that said, I believe you get the general idea of what is involved before taking that bold step to quitting that depressing job of yours.

How Much Do You Need To Save To Quit Your Job

 How Much Do You Need To Save To Quit Your Job

This is another matter to discuss – for those that can’t wait to build a business successfully on the side before quitting.

Mathematically, it is recommended that you save up at least x12 of your current monthly income before you can quit.

This means that if you can quit right now you should be on the safe side financially for the next 12 months.

But here is a major tip for you if you want to start a business, ensure that you you’ve already started a business that is growing at a steady pace.

From the percentage monthly growth, you should estimate that income from the business should match your monthly expenses before the money you save expires.

If this works for you, then your resignation should be in effect the moment you save up that money.

That said, I still believe that as you dedicate your time to a new business, you should have it ready to support you even before you are able to save 12 time your monthly income.

Finally On Quitting That Job Causing You To Get Depressed

Finally On Quitting That Job Causing You To Get Depressed

If you’ve ever harbored the thought of quitting a job you hate so much, I believe that this post has guided you on the right part to take.

There is more I want to say but I guess other post in this blog should help you express them clearly.

Like I wrote earlier in this post, you don’t to ruin your life quitting your job without preparation.

You need plans on what life will be like after you quit and I am sure that post has given you some option on what to do.

Like this post, share it, ask me questions, leave a comment and subscribe to get more post from me. Whichever one you choose, I will be glad you interacted with my post – it encourages me to write more.

See you at the top.

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