Is SEO A Must For Ranking in Google? My Thoughts On Page Ranking

Top Google's Ranking Factors

SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization are the things you do to a page to enable it rank higher in search engine pages.

If you want to know if application of both on page and off page SEO is a must for ranking then the answer is “it depends”.

Yes, SEO for a page is very important and No, Google can rank you even when you do not apply it.

More of that we shall explain in a moment so you understand.

Why SEO Is Important For Page Ranking

First you need to know that search engine optimization is important for page ranking.

If this was not the case Google will not reiterate its importance.

When you watch Google’s Youtube videos, you will always hear Matt Cutts asking you to insert keywords in title and in post.

You need to understand that algorithms used in ranking pages are applied by machines.

That is to say it is not humans that rank a page, humans only created a system it thinks is best to rank a page, machines handles the rest.

So if you want these machines to understand what your page is all about, you have to optimize it in a way to enable it understand your page more.

It is not only about understanding your page but also ascertaining its quality and how it matches users’ query.

So if you feel like not learning a thing or two about SEO, you might find ranking your pages difficult.

Certain off page SEO like links pointing to a page still remain a strong ranking factor for Google.

More reason why you should ensure you build pages that will naturally attract links for you.

You can also reach out to influencers for links and opportunities for guest posts. This can help your pages rank higher in SERP.

Applying SEO to a page is really an important factor for ranking. You just need it to help Google bots understand your page and how it answers users’ questions.

When You Can Rank Pages Without Applying SEO

This is the case of those writers that write from the heart.

I am talking about people that write naturally.

If you are an effective writer, you are bound to publish powerful contents that will move readers to share your posts and link to your site naturally.

While writing naturally, you might spread the required keywords and LSI over the pages without even realizing it.

This means that when writing in a natural tone, you might actually be optimizing your post without even realizing it.

In this way, you see your post rank without even applying all the SEO tips you’ve heard of and read online.

What’s Your Say On SEO And Ranking?

From this post, you can see that you might not need to apply any SEO trick to rank. However, this does not change the fact that SEO is important for ranking in Google.

Not because you want to impress anyone, but you really have to help bots understand your page better and optimize your post in way that designed algorithms will see it as quality.

This way ranking will be better for you.

Finally, writer contents you publish naturally and in ways you believe solves a user’s problem and you will be fine.

After all, SEO is so common now that most websites follow it to the later and still struggle to rank.

It goes to say that Google has more than 220 ranking factor and we are yet to figure them all out.

Do what is right to a page and try to optimize to the best of your understanding, you will rank.

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