How To Start A Business Blog That Makes Money

How To Start A Business Blog That Makes Money

Whether it’s starting a business blog or just a regular blog, there are lots of guides online that teaches you how to do it.

But in this blog post, I want to try to be as unique as possible. I want to approach the art of starting a business blog from every means necessary.

It is my desire that after reading this post, you will need no other guide to start a blog.

As a matter of fact, with this post you can go from a newbie to a pro when it comes to installing wordpress and kicking off your business blog.

That said, I understand that so many people don’t want to go through the stress and technicality of installing softwares and plugins and getting the site ready for writing contents.

If that’s you, then you can contact me – I can be of help.

That said, let us take you through the step-by-step guide on how to launch your business blog that will do the following things for you:

  • Connect you to clients
  • Bring on leads
  • Convert them to buying customers
  • Make you money and finally
  • Portray you as a go-to person in your industry or field

If you are ready to become this person then let us proceed to the guide and learn how you can launch your online presence.

11 Steps To Starting A Successful Business Blog

This is probably going to be a very long post.

Obviously because it is a well detailed guide on how you can start a blog for your business.

But for you to get an idea of the topics we are about to discuss, here are 11 steps to follow if you want to start a blog that succeeds.

  1. Understand why are you starting a blog
  2. Select a niche
  3. Buying a domain name
  4. Choosing a host
  5. Installing wordpress
  6. Installing a theme
  7. Installing basic plugins
  8. Getting contents
  9. Making money with your business blog
  10. Promoting your blog
  11. Succeeding as a business blogger

If there are steps you are already knowledgeable in, you can skip to the sections where you need more information.

However, all steps in this post were written from a unique perspective.

So I recommend that you take time to read them one after the other; you might learn something new.

Let us now attend to the topics one after another for the sake of clarity.

Understanding Why Are You Starting A Business Blog?

Understanding Why Are You Starting A Business Blog?

This question might be a simple one to answer for many but that answer is not as simple as many think.

One reason why most bloggers are not able to make money is because their intention lacks purpose.

Understanding why you want to start a blog is the first step in the right direction.

When you have this understanding then you will be willing to learn the ropes and make the mistakes involved till you get what you are looking for.

I wrote a well details post about the Obvious Reasons Why People Launch A Blog. You should read it because it will be very helpful for your course.

Just in case you still thinking about how to go about monetizing your blog, this linked post is like the introduction.

It tells you different blogging strategies and how they make you money and finally, it sums up with the best of them all.

After reading it, you should be able to have a clear perspective as to why you want to start a blog.

Let us now go to the next topic

 Select A Niche For Your Blog

Selecting Your Niche Before You Launch Your Blog

Now that you’ve known why you are starting a blog, I believe selecting a niche to blog about should not be a problem.

It is important that you select a niche and stay focused on it.

When I first got into blogging, one of the major mistakes I made was not sticking to a niche.

My blog posts were so distracting and getting email subscribers were almost impossible.

Since I was not focused on a topic, my visitors could not decide if they should return for similar contents or not.

There were not sure if my next post would be on a topic that interested them or not.

Because I was not focused, monetization was difficult.

Ranking was also poor because Google didn’t know which keywords to rank me for.

It was so bad that I abandoned the blog and let the domain name expire.

You can learn from my mistake and avoid it.

If you already understand why you are starting a blog, you should ensure that you stick to your niche.

Write contents in that industry so you will attract likeminded visitors which can always come back and convert.

It also makes it easy for Google to rank you because with time you become an authority in that niche.

Whether it is for your business or services, your contents portray you as an expert and visitors that trust you will be willing to pay you their money.

So selecting a niche is about showing focus.

I wrote a detailed blog post that teaches you how to selecting a niche before you launch your blog.

In this post you will also learn how to find a niche just in case you are finding it difficult to make a choice.

You want to read it before coming back to talk about buying a domain name for your blog.

Buying A Domain Name For Your Blog

Buying A Domain Name For Your Blog width=

What Is A Domain Name?

According to Wikipedia’s definition of domain name:

“A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name. Domain names are used in various networking contexts and application-specific naming and addressing purposes. In general, a domain name represents an Internet Protocol (IP) resource, such as a personal computer used to access the Internet, a server computer hosting a web site, or the web site itself or any other service communicated via the Internet. In 2017, 330.6 million domain names had been registered.”

This definition can be confusing for someone that knows little or nothing about technical terms.

Let us leave the technicalities for the IT professionals and students and explain what domain is in a lay man’s language and understanding.

Buying your domain name is like buying your own space and address in the internet world.

It’s just like buying any other portion of land in an estate with an address for it.

So if you buy a domain name, you now have a place online you can call your own – a place where anyone interested in what you have to offer can find you and relate with you.

I believe this one is clearer.

Where Can I Buy My Domain Name?

There are lots of options but I will not be referring anyone to you for now because of a reason that will favor you later.

It is nothing bad but you will thank me for it when we talk about hosting which is the next topic we will be dealing with.

You save yourself stress of the technicality involved and also save money with the system I will be recommending to you.

So don’t be in a hurry to buy a domain name now until you read what I have to say in the hosting section.

How To Select A Domain Name That Is Perfect For Your Blog

You might think that selecting a domain name is all about coming up with a term and registering it because it is available.

Do you know that you can make a costly business mistake selecting a domain name?

There are important factors to consider before you select your domain name and I have written a post about it.

I recommend you read factors to consider before selecting a domain name.

I am sure that the information in this post will surely help you avoid similar mistakes newbies make in selecting a domain name.

I made similar mistake and regretted it. In this post contains information I wish someone told me before I bought my first domain name.

After reading the post, then you can come back here and we will go over to hosting.

It is in the hosting section that we shall provide you an easy way to get a domain name.

Choosing A Host

I promised you a deal in this section and I intend to keep my promise.

The host I will be recommending in this section is Bluehost, a reliable hosting service used by millions of sites.

Top internet marketers use and recommend them to their readers and so are my.

If they were not reliable, I would not be recommending them in my blog.

That said, you should know that we are trying out other hosting services. If they meet up to our standards, we will refer them in this post.

So What’s The Deal

Another added deal that comes with hosting with Bluehost is that you get to have a domain name for free the first year.

I think it is a great deal.

You don’t have to buy domain name in one site and then hosting in another.

Then you have to go through the technical process connecting your domain name with your hosting account.

There is a chance that you might hire someone to handle the process for you which might lead to an extra cost.

But with Bluehost, you get to have everything with one account.

Everything can be set up the moment your domain name is activated.

Connecting domain name from one account to a separate hosting account can take between 24 to 48 hours.

But in one account the connection is instant.

Once more, when renewing your hosting and domain name, you get to do everything with one account and not separately.

What Is A Host?

When we talked about domain name, we said it’s like your space in the internet world – like the land and address in you buy in an estate.

The host is like the container or warehouse you buy to house your internet properties on that address.

Everything you are will be publishing online will have to be stored somewhere.

These hosting services sell you a portion of their storage space to store your posts, images and every other property you intend to display to the rest of the world.

In summary:

Domain Name ===>      Your address and space in the internet world

Hosting Account  ===>   Just like a warehouse you build in that space to store your web properties.

If you understand it, then let us go to the next topic.

Installing WordPress

After you’ve opened an account with Bluehost Hosting Services and paid for your domain name, you should have an account you can log into.

Learning to install wordpress on your own is a lesson on its own which is why there is a post for it.

Click here to read How to install wordpress from your Bluehost account.

When you are done reading and installing your wordpress software, then you should comeback and read Basic settings to carry out after installing wordpress.

There are lots of blogging softwares you can use, but you should know that wordpress powers more than 40% of the web.

There are lots of reasons why you should use wordpress but the most important one is that it is already optimized for search engines.

Even top Google staffs recommend it.

There are other factors like security, ease of use and most important of all, wordpress is free.

You don’t pay a dime for using their software as different developers work to improve it year in year out.

Installing A Theme

After installing wordpress and carrying out the basic settings, the next step is to install a theme.

You can either go for free themes or paid themes.

What is most important is that you install themes that fit your niche and make it look as professional as possible.

If you are just starting out, I would recommend you worry much about how your site looks.

As long as it is clean and professionally looking, you are good to go.

As your business improves, you can then invest more into design and looks. For now I recommend you go with what works for your budget.

Click here to learn how to install a wordpress theme

Installing Basic Plugins

After you’ve installed your wordpress software and themes, you should know that there are basic plugins that needs to be installed.

These plugins will make using wordpress very easy for you including keeping it safe from hackers.

As you advance in wordpress usage, your use of plugins will adjust to what is needed for your site.

But for now you have to make used of the basics and some of them are:

  • SEO Yoast: Guides you on how to write search engine optimized posts
  • Wordfence Security Plugin: Helps with securing your site against hack.
  • Contact Form: You set is up to enable your visitors and clients contact you.
  • WordPress Fastest Cache: Helps in speeding up your site load time. It’s a ranking factor in search engines
  • Jetpack: Comes with lots of features including analytics for site traffic.

These are just the basics.

Like I said, as you grow in knowledge, you will always grow in plugin usage.

Almost every functionality of wordpress has a plugin for the job.

Just install these ones for now and worry about others later.

Getting Contents

This is probably the main reason why we’ve decided to install wordpress for blogging – to write contents to portray us as experts so we can sell our business, services and ideas.

So it is important that you take this aspect of your blog really serious.

If you write low quality contents, you will be wasting your time, funds and energy.

Google will rank you lower and send you less traffic and the few readers that manage to visit your site will bounce off.

You won’t make any impact on them and you won’t win their trust to hire you or buy what you sell.

So it is important that you invest in content because “Content will always remain king

There are two ways you can go about getting great contents:

  • Is by writing it yourself
  • Hiring writers to do the job

Writing Contents Yourself:

There are ways to write articles that rank fast in google. I recommend you read my post on Writing Articles That Rank Well In Google.

It should guide you on ways to go about getting that organic traffic that converts well for you.

Hiring Writers To Do The Job:

You have the option of making use of freelance sites like Upwork and to hire writers or you can contact me for that.

I do take on writing assignments when I am less occupied with work.

Making Money With Your Business Blog

Unless you are starting a blog to write about your hobby or support a non-profit cause, I believe you would want to make money with it.

This is the main reason why this post was written, to teach you how to launch a blog that supports your business.

The blog itself is not the money making tool – it is the means to an end.

The end being money.

If you are blogging about your business and services, with good contents you are sure to attract the right kind of clients.

It is possible because your contents are supposed to portray you as an expert in the field.

With the right posts winning the trust of your readers becomes easy and possible.

Money should follow suit because they will be the one calling you and sending emails to ask for quotes.

But if you are blogging to make money online, then that is a whole different ball game entirely.

You can learn more on this model by reading the first title we talked about in this post which is understanding why you started a blog.

Refer to the top of the post to read it.

If you apply all the tips given to you there, I am sure that monetizing your blog shouldn’t be a problem with you.

Promoting Your Blog

There is no need writing a blog post that doesn’t get read.

Unless you have been in the game for a long time and already have faithful readers, you might not get the readers you desire.

Which is why you should learn possible ways to promote your posts after publishing them.

You need to get your desired readers and promote your brand.

There are various ways you can use to get word out there that you’ve published a post.

Some of them are:

  • Guest blogging
  • PPC ads
  • Social media channels
  • Content marketing

All these channels are tutorials on their own.

You need to learn how there are being done if you are to make the most out of them.

These are the channels you want to use to drive traffic to your blog – at least until search engines fully understand what your blog is all about and starts ranking your blog and driving free organic traffic to it.

Other than that, you don’t want to wait for them or you might have to wait for long.

Of all promotion tools, the fastest mean that will get you both traffic and high search engine ranking is through guest blogging.

This is a process where you write articles for established blogs in similar niche in exchange for a link to your blog.

Their visitors will come to your blog and search engine will count your link in their blog as a vote of confidence to your blog.

This way you rank higher and your posts can attract organic traffic on their own.

It is a long process but you can be rest assured that it works.

So don’t just write articles and publish, learn possible ways that you can use to promote your posts.

You want to get people visiting your blog from day one.

Succeeding As A Business Blogger

Whether you are starting a blog to promote your personal business and services or you want to use it as a means of making money online, you need to understand certain truths about blogging.

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Young bloggers assume that this is the case only to get disappointed when the fast money doesn’t roll in.

Chances are that you will need to wait at least 3 – 6 months before you start seeing significant results in traffic and clients.

That is of course if you do every other thing right.

There are different tutorials online that promise you that a blog can help you make thousands of dollars online.

They provide you different means that you can use to succeed as a blogger.

Truth be told you can make money online as a blogger, but you need to be patient about it.

It doesn’t matter how you are being told to go about it.

Succeeding as a blogger all happens if you follow simple rule – “Satisfy the user”.

It doesn’t matter if you hope to attract traffic organically or through social media or paid means, if you don’t solve a user’s problem, all your effort will be in vain.

It starts with me coming to your blog to find the answers I am looking for.

Its your job to impress me with your posts and provide me with the answers I am looking for.

Because I am impressed I can subscribe to future posts and buy anything you recommend.

If you offer services I need, because I see you as an expert, hiring you becomes easy for me without thinking twice.

In fact, I can rate you so high that I might assume that you might be very expensive and you will be worth every penny I spend hiring you.

You get what I mean.

What I am trying to say is this…

…let your blog be a means of branding yourself and your business.

Do it effectively and every other thing follows suite.


From a personal point of view, I don’t think that everything that needs to be known about blogging has been said in this post – even though it is more than 3,500 words long.

This is to tell you that growing as a blogger is like every other knowledge you intend to acquire.

You have to keep learning because blogging is a university of its own.

Your ability to find answers and become a better blogger depends on how determined you are to succeed as one.

You can reach out to me for consultations or leave comments with your questions and I will be glad to answer them.

With that said, we have to move on to the next topic to write more posts that will benefits our teaming readers which I believe you are part of.

Thank you for subscribing to our blog if you have.

And if you haven’t, you are missing out on a lot of quality information that can improve your life and your business.

Do share because there is love in sharing.

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