Get Rid Of Old Content From Your Site Without Losing Ranking

Get Rid Of Old Content From Your Site Without Losing Ranking

For seo purposes, it is important that you update your site regularly and get rid of outdated contents that do not bring any organic traffic.

However, getting rid of old and outdated contents means that you’ll be creating 404 pages on your site.

Nobody likes 404 pages Google included.

This means that the more pages you have in your site, the lower the rating you get from Google.

Lower rating means that you can lose ranking over time and I don’t think you want this to happen.

So here are two ways you can get rid of old and outdated content without losing ranking or generating excess 404 pages.

  1. Redirecting old links to valuable pages
  2. Updating old and outdated content and make them fresh

Because excess 404 pages negatively affect your sites rating and ranking, you can avoid this by redirecting links of pages you are about to delete to the your available page.

This brings us to the issue of updating old and outdated contents and making them fresh.

You have the option of taking your outdated content or contents that are not bringing you know organic traffic and updating them.

You can combine short contents in your site, merge them to become one pillar content.

All links on short contents can then be redirected to that long content that you’ve just created.

A few 404 pages should not hurt your ranking or your site in general. But if you have updated posts as edited contents, it is recommended that you redirect links to these deleted pages to them.

But if you don’t, there is nothing wrong with getting rid of them and creating a custom 404 pages or directing them to your home page.

This way your visitors are not too disappointed and same with Google.

These outdated contents barely bring you traffic so I don’t think your site users will be missing these pages

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