Editing A Page’s Url (Slug)Does Not Improve Ranking

Don't Edit Or Change Url (Slug) When Editing Page Title

For blogger that assume that editing a page url can help improve its ranking, you should know that your assumption is wrong.

As a matter of fact, tweaking your page url every time might have negative effects on your site.

The reason is this…

…Every page’s url or slug is really seen as their unique identifier before Google.  Which is why any mistake made on a url gets you a 404 not found page or redirects you to the homepage.

And if you keep editing your site url, you are creating lots of this 404 for pages without realizing that’s what you’re doing.

Rather than edit your site url because you want to rank higher in search results, I recommend that you edit your page title and the contents of the page.

I believe that these are the primary concerns of Google because url barely has a ranking effect but the contents of a page do.

So I believe that Google will place more emphasis on the contents of a page than its url.

Some bloggers know that updating a page content helps and improves ranking.  Also, tweaking the page title helps you rank for long tail keywords and also search queries that are less competitive.

So when you update your short contents and make them longer by adding synonyms and lsi keywords, you help Google bots understand what your page is all about thereby improving its ability to rank higher.

Better page content, captivating page titles, and links from top ranking site pointing to your page is enough to get your ranking higher.

You don’t need to keep tampering your url or slug in order to rank higher because you’ll be causing more harm than good to a page.

Tweaking your site url also delay its ability to rank higher because of age.

Some web contents take from weeks to months to rank while some might take up to a year.

Even after updating the contents and changing the title, as long as the url remains the same Google assumes it is the same old content and accords it the age respect it deserves.

But for every time you edit a page url, you have automatically refresh its age before Google, it is a new page.

This means that you have delayed its potential to rank faster.

So you see that tampering your pages’ url or slug because you want to rank your site higher is a bad idea. So keep your fingers off your url and concentrate more on improving the page content and its title.

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