Don’t Edit Or Change Url (Slug) When Updating Old Contents

Don't Edit Or Change Url (Slug) When Updating Old Contents

Best seo practices demands that you update old contents and keep them fresh both for users and Google.

Even your best contents are supposed to be updated at least once or twice a year for freshness purposes.

If you have old contents that are of no use to you and do not get you any organic traffic,  you have the option of deleting them or updating them.

This is very necessary if you have more of thin contents on your site. These contents are known to affect you traffic negatively.

So you have the option of deleting them or rewriting them to be better.

Now for most bloggers that prefer to write their short contents to make them long, some of them make the mistake of editing their old urls.

Why this is a big mistake is what is going to attack in about in this post so that you understand why you should never edit your slug or url while updating old contents.

Why Editing Old URL Is A Mistake

You should know that this is a big mistake,  because the moment you edit your slug or if I may say the url to the post to  you are updating,  you have automatically created in new link from Google’s point of.

Though it might be an old post, but because the link you have now has never been indexed before, Google assumes it is a new post.

There’s a greater chance of old posts ranking first than new ones.  This means the moment you edit your url, you have denied an old post to the opportunity to rank higher in search engines.

That aside, editing your slug or url when updating your old content means that you have automatically created a 404 page.

This means that when Google bots crawl your site, they will no more find a link that used to be there before.

See you see that if you edit let’s say 50 old contents  and also edit their url,  before Google you have created new 50 contents in your site and have deleted 50 old contents from your site.

So while they will be new 50 contents, your webmaster tools will alert you of 5o 404 not found pages in your site.

If you want to edit an old content in your page and peradventure edit the url for seo purposes, then I recommend you make use of redirect.

This way when the boots visits your pages if you notice that you’ve been redirected old pages to new ones.

It will index the new links in place of the old ones there by transferring link juice and post age.

That said, I still believe that not editing the url is better off.

What matters most to Google is the content of a page.  Your pages can rank higher after updating short posts and making them longer without tampering the url.

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