Don’t Edit Or Change Url (Slug) When Editing Page Title

Don't Edit Or Change Url (Slug) When Editing Page Title

I believe that user experience is an important rating factor for Google.  It is among the 220 ranking factors Google considers for a page.

This is why seo agencies know that tweaking your page title is an important part of boosting your organic traffic.

You don’t need an seo agency to let you know that it works.  So most internet marketers and bloggers, once in a while, tweak their page title so as to increase their chances of turning up for certain search terms.

That said some bloggers make the mistake of editing their page url after editing the title.

You should know that this is a big mistake because you are confusing Google as a result of this action.

Every time you edit your page url, you have succeeded in creating a new page.

Google considers each url as the unique identifier of a page.  So even when you take out a letter or a word from a url, the page it is considered unique and new before Google.

This means that if you edit your title for example 20 times and also edit each url same time, you have created 20 different pages even if it’s the same page you are working on.

This can be confusing for Google and results lots of 404 pages on your site.

You can still achieve the top ranking you desire when you edit your page title without tampering your url or slug.

The url of a page is just the identifier and from personal experience I don’t think it is a ranking factor for Google.

The page title on the other hand can affect which search queries your site turn ups for.

The page title you can edit as many times as you want, as long as the url remains the same, you should be on the safe side.

When you edit a page title, you’re supposed to wait for a few weeks to check its ranking effects on a page.

Editing the url the next time you edit the page title is same deleting the post because that is how Google bots sees it.

A missing url can be seen as a missing page.

So keep your url the way it is and edits the page title and its contents however and whenever you like for seo purposes and you should be okay.

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