The Power Of Blog Commenting To Your Ranking

The Power Of Blog Commenting To Your Ranking

When it comes to achieving strong ranking in Google search engine results, you know that backlinks happens to be one of the major factor to consider.

For any website and online business, more ranking means more traffic and more traffic means more conversion which leads to more money.

That is to say that if you desire to achieve your end goal of making money through higher ranking and more traffic, you have to start thinking backlinks.

If you have ever tried to build backlinks by yourself you will agree with me that it is a time consuming process.

It takes weeks if not months before these links begin to take effect on your site; that is after Google has indexed them.

There are lots of articles online that can teach you how to get backlinks to your site but the truth remains that taking step to actually seek out these back links can be time consuming. Some people don’t just have the time and they outsource the whole process.

When you read most online contents that teach you how to get back links, you will always notice that blog commenting happens to be one of them.

Top SEO agencies understand the power of backlinks while the newbies doubts it prowess.

If you fall into the category of skeptics that doubt the power of blog commenting, in this post I will give you two simple reasons why you should reconsider your stand.

Two Simple Reasons To Value Blog Commenting

1. Building Brand Recognition

Building Brand Recognition With Blog Commenting

Let us for a moment forget about the power of blog commenting to your ranking on search engines and look at another juicy reason to consider it.

Blog commenting is a secret tool that can indeed kick start the traffic stats of your site. If you are just staring out, perhaps waiting on sandbox effect or maybe you are just struggling with ranking, there is a system to blog commenting that gets you the recognition you need in the industry. Self acclaimed SEO gurus are making it sound special when there is nothing to it.

Blog commenting when done right can help display your link as a reliable source of information in the niche you are blogging about.

It is not just about leaving comments like “Nice post. Keep it up” or “I love your article. What a nice blog you have here.”

I am talking about leaving real comments that relates to the post and that will even get the owner of the site to want to bond and connect with you.

There are cases of quality blog comments getting your site the attention it needs from top people in the industry thereby getting you the real do-follow backlinks you desire.

Let me explain; if I visit a site and while going through the comment of a great post I see someone with at least a 100 word comment with additional insight thereby adding more meaning to the post, I will definitely click on the link to that person’s site.


Because I want to get to know more about this person that is so insightful. The common assumption will be that this person must be a quality writer and will be very knowledgeable about that niche.

If I get to your site and find other quality posts, referring to your posts and domain becomes easy.

It is also possible that I might contact you for more information or business if I deem it fit.

Do you get the clear picture?

So even when you don’t want to invest in blog commenting because you think it is of no value to your business or ranking, you might want to reconsider because the recognition you desire in your niche or industry might just be a comment away.

2. Building Relationship

Building Relationship with blog building

I know that building recognition can lead to building relationships but let’s take a dive at it to understand it more.

I own some blogs and will definitely appreciate feedbacks from readers that visit my site.

I will also appreciate contribution from well meaning writers because I don’t want just being published on my blogs.

My inbox gets a mail or two every couple of days from new bloggers requesting to contribute to my blog. While I appreciate their gestures, not all of them get a positive response from me because I am also selective about who guest writers I want on my team.

But do you know the people that get my attention the most, people that leave meaningful comments on my blog posts.

Their comments help me understand how much these people know about my niche and the quality of posts that they might provide if I allow them contribute to my blog.

You can say that commenting on my blog is like an audition for getting published on my blog as a contributor.

What I am trying to say is this, if you leave meaningful blog comments on sites, you have just poked the blog owner and can possibly build a relationship with this person.

If you are not satisfied with the link power of a blog commenting because you think it is a no-follow link, having a relationship with a blogger can definitely get you a do-follow link by virtue of allowing you write a blog post as a contributor.

A high DA and PR site means stronger backlinks and higher ranking for your site which brings in more traffic.

Think about it, a combination of quality blog comment on this site and probably one or two guest posts on this same site gives you not only traffic but credibility.

The advantages of quality blog commenting are so much that I might not be able to write about all of them in this post unless I put together a complete guide to blog commenting that my subscribers can get in their inbox as a newsletter and readers download for free can.

Blog Commenting For Ranking

 Blog Commenting For Ranking

The most common reason why some people think blog commenting is not powerful enough is because they think that most of them are no-follow links.

But if you know anything about diversification of backlinks then you know that you need a combination of do-follow and no-follow links makes your backlinking profile look natural to search engines.

Unnatural backlinks will definitely get you a penalty so even when you are using other means link PBN or guest posts, if not done naturally, your site will still get a knock from Google.

But under the right condition and done the right way, I can categorically tell you that blog commenting can definitely help you in ranking.

And for those that already know the power of blog commenting and want to try it out, I strongly recommend that as you begin investing in blog commenting, ensure that you also diversify your links.

You don’t want blog commenting to be the only source of your backlink profile. If you already have some do-follow backlinks that are still growing, then blog commenting is another means of diversifying your profile.

You want to help Google understand that your links are coming from different sources at a healthy interval which gives it a natural look.

Blog Commenting For Tier 1 Vs Tier 2 Backlinking

Blog Commenting For Tier 1 Vs Tier 2 Backlinking

Once again, this is another area where most people don’t understand the power of backlinking and its ability to hold.

While your backlinks give your site ranking and credibility, what do you think is giving those backlinks their backing and credibility?

The only way to secure your dofollow links is to give them a tier 2 baclinking support and blog commenting is one effective way to achieve that purpose.

When you backlinks have enough support from other links pointing to them, they remain strong and credible enough to lift your sites to the top of search engines.

Strong tier 2 backlinks is the key to retaining top position for as long as possible in any keyword you are ranking for and top SEO agencies also know this.

So when planning for backlinks using blog commenting, you should consider using this means both for your site directly and later on for the do follow links that are pointing to your site.

Tier 1 and tier 2 backlinking through blog commenting is the key to stronger and sustainable ranking.

Blasting My Blog Comments Will Get Me Ranking Faster

There are services that will promise to blast your link to thousands of pages in a minute or two.

I don’t know how long you want to remain at the top of Google ranking and if your site is really for business or you just want to play around.

But if you value your business and want a long lasting ranking solution, then you should stay away from these blasting services.

Yes they will get you to the top faster but Google is getting great at spotting these blackhat methods and trust me, you will in a short time go from making money to nothing at all.

Reason why?

Manual action …… You just got de-indexed from search results by Google for trying to manipulate ranking using blackhat methods.

The secret of making the most out of blog commenting is to do it manually and at interval so it appears natural.

What If I Don’t Have The Time For Manual Blog Commenting

What If I Don’t Have The Time For Manual Blog Commenting

This is where I come in to offer my services.

We have manual blog commenting packages that can help you achieve that recognition, relationship and ranking you desire for your online business.

For $3o – you get 50 different and manually written blog comments on sites that are related to your niche.

For $50 – You get 100 different and manually written blog comments on sites that are related to your niche.

For $100 – You get 200 – 250 different and manually written blog comments on sites that are related to your niche.

Unless you have a very large site, I will suggest you leave it at 250 blog comments at most.

But if you think you want more, you can contact us for larger packages with more discounts.

After getting this much blog comments pointing to your site, you should invest in other forms of backlinks like guest posts, web 2.0, press release, social media profile links and healthy PBNs.

Be careful with PBNs and make sure you are investing in ones that you have control over.

When not done right PBN can definitely hurt your ranking. It will be better if you own the networks yourself – so you are able to control the outcome.

Preferably, I will recommend you spend a bulk of your time trying to get guest posting opportunities because they are as effective as any PBN you can put together.

Effectiveness Of Our Blog Commenting Packages

Effectiveness Of Our Blog Commenting Packages

Our blog commenting strategies are done at interval, say between 2 to 10 blog commenting every day to make it look as natural as possible when indexed by google bots.

We don’t follow blackhat methods to blast them all at once because the posts will be the same throughout and this will hurt your site and we don’t want that.

You can either choose to get report of your backlink profile every week or after the whole blog comments have been posted.

What is certain is that we shall provide you a well documented list of links to all the sites where the blog comments were published so you can check them out yourself to confirm what you paid for.

For every comment, you should know that they will be unique and each comment will be between 75 to 300 words depending on the flow of the post.

You are sure to get the positive effect on your site when there are more than 50 sites with 50 different and uniquely written comments on them with your link added to them.

Placing your order for 100 comments means 100 different sites and 200 means 200 different sites.

If you want this quality service that make use of the form below to contact us so we can talk more.

We accept payments through Paypal or Payoneer ACH direct deposit for US clients. There are also easy transfer payment options for clients in Europe and UK.

Monetary payment option will be discussed after we have gotten your info from the form below.

After contacting us, you should get a reply from info(@) or our paypal email for further payment instructions.

Let us help you handle the blog commenting aspect of your backlink strategy while you handle others yourself or outsource to other services.

We look forward to having a strong working relationship with you.

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