About Us

You can say in this blog we decided to happen to life and everything in it that makes us successful, happy and fulfilled.

After graduating from college, I thought of a way to make an impact. I wasn’t satisfied with the person I have become so I kept searching – you can say for myself. I wasn’t going to stop until I found that thing in life that made me feel fulfilled and happy.

I tried my hands on few physical businesses but didn’t find fulfillment in them.

This went on until I came in contact with some techies that told me that the world is moving over to the internet that I should get on board. I did and that happened to be the best decision I have ever made.

We came together, gathered some resources and started learning how to code. We all chose our different niches, some of them chose to go the ecommerce way, others just wanted to design websites and help businesses get online.

Unemployment rate in my country was high and I thought of connecting unemployed youths in my country to job opportunities around the world especially if it has to be done remotely.

This was how lancefromhome.com was born.

A site born to help unemployed youths try their hands on freelance gigs turned out to serve job seekers all around the world which is why we decided to rebrand for global appealing.

Now we don’t just accept freelance and remote job but full time, part-time and contract job openings not because we don’t want to be focused but because we want to make sure that employers and job seekers of all class and location get what they are looking for.

I have taken my time to study myself and people around me and I have come to see that we all are always searching for fulfillment in three areas of our lives; our career, business and personal life.

By personal life I mean in their relationships, successes and achievements, having dreams, setting goals and accomplishing them.

This blog is aimed at helping our readers achieve fulfillment in these areas and these are areas we would be writing about.

So while you are here with us, have one thing in mind, we are here to help you achieve the success you desire and deserve in all areas of your life.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question.