10 Tips To Consider Before Choosing A Domain Name

10 Tips To Consider Before Choosing A Domain Name

Selecting a domain name is not as easy as you think. You just cannot come up with a name and because it is available for registration, you just pay for it.

I know someone might wonder of something bad might happen if you register a domain name you have at heart.

Well, something bad happening depends on how you look at it and mistakes made when choosing a domain name.

You will understand better as you read on. Hopefully you can access what mistakes people made and how costly it is to their brand and business.

You need a proper guide that will help you select a domain name, a web address that will get you closer to making money with your blog.

You domain name is like your space in the internet world.

For your business it is your brand – it is who you are.

It is important you get it right so that branding it and making it something that you can be proud will be easy for you.

By the time you are done reading this post, you will understand my intentions are for good and I know you will thank me for it.

Without much ado, let us take a look at ten steps to follow to select a domain name.

10 Steps To Buying A Brandable Domain Name

  1. Do Your Homework

The first step to buying a domain name is to check for its availability.

According to Wikipedia’s post on domain name, you can see that currently there are more than 300 million registered domain names.

This means that you will have to be innovative in choosing one because there is a chance that the one you have in mind is unavailable.

That is unless it is really unique, weird or probably not in English.

Most sites where you can buy a domain name will provide you a means of checking for its availability so don’t worry about that for now.

The rest steps to be discussed in this post are the most important ones in selecting a domain name.

  1. Buy Domains That Are Easy To Type And Remember

You understand that if your visitors make any mistake while typing your domain name in the address bar on their browser, they will never land on your page.

Unless you bought different spelling mistakes and variations of your domain name and redirected all of them to the main site, they most likely wouldn’t find you.

This is why you need to choose a domain name that is easy to remember and easy to type.

You want to make sure your readers can spell your domain name easily without mistakes.

  1. Avoid Trending Names And Slangs

There is a reason why it is important you keep trending words and slangs away from your domain name.

Most trends and slangs are short-lived before something new starts trending and becomes popular and a slang becomes old school.

So unless you want your domain name to be outdated even before it gets popular, I recommend you go with something unique.

Adding slang to your domain name means it stays relevant only for the duration of the slang’s popularity.

You don’t want your business blog to be seen as old school a few years from the day you launched it.

  1. Buy Shorter Domain Names

This is something similar to buying a domain name that is easy to remember and easy to type.

Shorter domain names are easy to read and remember.

It makes memorizing your domain name very easy for returning clients to your blog/website.

It is very possible that most single word domain names are long gone which is why you need to get creative selecting one.

You can try adding adjectives or verbs in front or back of these single terms to know which variation works.

What is most important is that it’s simple to type without much difficulty and easy to read, understand and remember.

  1. Stick With .com Domains (Preferably For Now)

The world of domain names has advanced over the years that they are lots of variations with domain name extensions.

In the past it was just .com and .co.uk with other countries’ specific variations to domain names.

Now you get to see domain names ending with extensions like .guru, .coffee, and even .community.

There are so many of them but this does not take away the popularity of the .com domain extension.

It is still by far the highest in popularity making it my recommended domain extension for you.

Stick with it – at least for now.

As things change and as you grow in your business, you can now decide to add other extension that matches your brand.

  1. Avoid Trademarks In Your Domain Name

There is a reason why companies and corporate organizations register their trademarks.

This is to ensure that they protect their intellectual properties so pirates don’t steal their ideas and profit from it without their permission.

So ensure you keep trademarks away from your domain names or the rightful owners will shut you down.

It is their property and I believe they can only allow you use it if you buy the leasing license.

But until then, no one is allowed to use trademarks in domain names.

I’ll rather suggest you register a unique business name and trademark and use it for your domain name.

This way someone else cannot copy your works and benefit from the popularity of your registered trademark.

  1. Avoid Domain Names That Are Similar To An Existing Site

Why copy someone’s domain name and idea when you can come up with something unique on your own.

Because people do it doesn’t mean you should do it too.

I am yet to see a domain name similar to popular sites become as popular as the original site.

This is because people recognize copycats and will never take them serious.

You don’t want your fans seeing you as a sham from day one.

You want to register a unique domain name and brand it with your efforts. This way you are seen as a serious business person rather than a copy cat.

That said, as your brand and domain grow in popularity, there will be attempts to copy your idea and buy variations of your domain name.

You can prevent this from happening by being the first to buy these variations and redirect them to your site.

This way when visitors make a mistake with your domain name, they are still redirected to your main site.

  1. Understand The Effect Of Hyphens In Domain Names

I believe you have come across some of these easy-to-understand.com domain names.

(Lol, I might have given off another domain name idea here)

I am not checking if it is available but if it interests you, you can check it out.

Coming back to the topic of discussion.

There are two ways hyphen in domain names can affect your business – the effect can be either or both negative and positive.

Here is how it might happen.

Hyphens in domain names make understanding your domain name easy for both humans and search engines.

It helps both parties understand what your site is all about.

That said, you should understand that these hyphens are hard to remember for some people and it can be stressful trying to locate them on your keyboard.

Most web surfers just want to type straight words and go to the site without searching for special characters.

So I recommend that you buy both domain names with the hyphen and without the hyphen.

This way one can be redirected to the other domain you prefer to be the main one.

  1. Numbers In Domain Name Can Be Confusing

Often times, I do find websites online that have numbers in their domain name.

Because I found them through Google, I don’t see the need to bother myself about spelling.

However, should the contents they offer entice me to want to visit them constantly, I might get confused at first trying to spell their domain name.

Even if I am that smart that spelling it is easy for me, I don’t think many other visitors might feel the same.

Here is what I mean…

Take for instance you want to buy a domain name on a niche that talks about housing.  Then you go carry out your research to find out if “2ownahouse.com” is available.

Fortunately for you it was and because you think it is such a great name you pay for it.

I have not checked if it is available either but here is something wrong with the domain name.

Unless it is a very popular brand, lots of new visitors will have problems locating their website.

Say for instance I like the site and want to refer a neighbor that is willing to buy a house to it. If I tell him the domain name verbally, chances are that he would go online and type “toownahouse.com” or “twoownahouse.com”.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

You see now that until I correct my neighbor and provide the correct spelling, chances are that he will never get there.

In this situation, sites like this lose potential clients, visitors and money indirectly due to wrong spelling.

So I encourage you to stay away from numbers in your domain name.

But if you must because you are determined to brand that name, you can buy different variations including the similar words and the spelled number.

This way you are building multiple routes to your website without worrying much about losing clients and visitors.

Important note about number:

It is also recommended that you stay away from “0” (zero) in your domain name. The reason is that one seeing this domain for the first time, you might think its “O” as in alphabet instead of number.

Again, if you insist, ensure that both variations are available or you might lose more than you intended to gain.

That said, I believe you’ve gotten the idea of how numbers affect domain name.

  1. Check Their Availability On Social Media Networks

Social media marketing for any website is very important as it is becoming the in thing for driving traffic.

Which is why I recommend you check its availability on social media sites to enable you know how you would brand your domain name online.

You want to have your domain name phrases ready for promotion on sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr.

This way you can easily launch a brand that has little or no competition on social media sites.

I believe that if you follow these simple guidelines, you should be able to select an easy to read brandable domain name for your business blog and websites.

How You Can Get A Domain Name For Free

There are many sites where you can get domain names but there is actually a way that you can get it for free.

Buying a domain name means that you will need hosting.

After paying for hosting, you will now go through the technical process of connecting your domain name to your hosting account.

It shouldn’t be difficult because there are lots of guides you can find online that can guide you.

However, this process means that you’ll pay for domain and hosting separately.

In my post how to start a business blog that makes money, I made mention of how you can pay for hosting with Bluehost and get a domain name for free for the first year.

I think this is a great deal but there is another reason why I think you should take the deal.

Apart from the fact that bluehost is a great hosting company that millions of website rely on, you get to make your payments the next year through one channel.

There is no need going over to maybe namecheap.com to make payments and then go over to bluehost to make another payment.

Personally, I love the fact that I am able to pay for my domain names and hosting under one platform and I recommend you do the same.

With that said, I believe that this post has educated you properly on how to select a domain name for your business website/blog.

You should be able to take it on your own from here.

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